Performance marketing is one of the most effective advertising tools in digital marketing. Performance marketing services are driven by results. Even Though it is a discipline of digital marketing, the advertiser only gets paid when the customer takes certain actions such as a click, purchase, a video view or download. The channels used for such marketing are mostly social media platforms, search engines, videos and embedded web content that offers quality drive into your websites.

Google and Facebook ads (PPC)

The pay per click marketing method from Google and Facebook provide payment for every click they receive. Any brand can target an extensive audience through Facebook ads which result in enhancing the company’s growth. The google advertisements services are done based on the client’s keyword searches.

Facebook ads are paid social advertisements whereas google ads are paid searches. A marketer analyses those keywords and produces advertisement content at the place and at the right time. These PPC ads regulate an immense audience through its global outreach. Google ads has a wide range of advertisement formats. Even though ppc are mostly content generated yet these various formats can help in keeping your clients entertained and attracted. Facebook ads have a vast global audience. It also provides a visual platform where people share almost every emotion with the public. You can entertain your customers with engaging and relevant advertisements.The facilitation of people’s awareness of your brand’s products and service through the advantages of Facebook ads and google ads improve sales and production. Pay per click advertisements benefit in search engine optimization. It can create warm leads that are capable of reaching your clients with accurate and relevant datas. PPC can also help in increasing production and sales. Pay per click advertisement features of google and facebook are effective in enriching your brand through beneficial digital marketing strategies.


The direct shopping or consulting method through social media platforms such as tik tok, Instagram and Facebook is considered as a digital asset. These shoppable marketing opportunities interact with your clients through social media to make purchase drives and offer quality service.

The exhibition of relevant and accurate content can be done by collecting data regarding the likes and demands of your customers. It helps in creating a brilliant customer connection over a tap. The direct transaction method empowered by the shoppable marketing strategy makes shopping easier and increases the market value of your company.  A brand can ensure improved conversion rates and a quality customer experience through shoppable contents. A marketer  generates different types of content such as posts, stories, videos and advertisements in an interactive and engaging mode to keep your audience attracted and aware. With short and sweet stories of your brand’s identity and product quality, shoppable contents can increase your company’s loyalty and also make you their most favourite choice.


Advertisement pop ups are a familiar marketing measure to all netizens. Through personalised pop ups a marketer establishes your brand’s space in the viewer’s life. Pop ups help in attaining your audience’s attention and generate a method for faster purchasing drive. 

Customised pop ups content includes relevant data based on the demands of the client. It helps in familiarising your products and thus aim to improve the market and retail value of your company. Every brand has a financial and production target to hit. Pop ups help in achieving these targets as they influence people’s choice of preferences. They are excellent in securing your quality customer base. Personalised pop ups keep your clients updated and aware of your product and services. Collecting feedback through the generated data is another quality of pop ups. Which will definitely help in upgrading your brand’s marketing strategy by developing an applicable and effective one. Pop ups are client friendly. They use an interactive mode of communication to sell the details of products and services and also to create your brand’s identity. Digital marketers take advantage of these technologies to enhance success in your journey.


The digital mode of idea making and sharing has an immense impact on people. Digital marketing done with video technology can influence people more than worldly contents. It helps in creating a consistent memory of your brand and thus make you identified even in this competitive crowd. 

A brand can showcase its product quality and specialities through videos. The content must focus on product purpose and efficiency and how much it can change the targeted audience’s life. A video content made by understanding the current trend and flow in the market can increase your brand’s market and revenue value. A quality video can spark interest in its viewers. Thus a video maker should opt an attractive tone of colours, patterns and graphics which reflects your brand’s style and status. Such video marketing contents can improve your company’s SEO ratio as it has the capacity for a wider outreach. Maximising product and service quality by improving your strategies can help in attaining the targets. A video content creator must use an interactive and effective mode of communication. It influences the visibility and thereby securing customers of your brand.


Why prefer digital marketing over traditional strategies to brand your company?. Because we, as a digital marketing company, promise you success with a wider outreach and maximum visibility. A professionally skilled marketing agency can provide your brand a global opportunity through beneficial and applicable strategies. We, at Macaw, can discover a future of dynamic development by enhancing higher production and service quality with properly built time and expenditure management methodologies.

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